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Charulata Kohli

Welcome. I provide online and offline solutions that buy you time.

Freelance Production Manager and Online Integrator, I like to formulate systems to help manage your business solutions.

Competent, personable and capable, I look for workable solutions, particularly for course creators, live zoom webinars and email sequences.

Memberships: Business By Design (James Wedmore), Course Creator Accelerator (Screw the 9 to 5), Ads On Fire (Liz Melville). I am also subscribed to the advanced Progression Programme of TechPixies, a multi award-winning social media transformation programme.

What I Offer

Scheduling your time to fit your tasks – helping you work smarter.

A Production Manager at heart with international experience, working on sports TV production, from golf, cricket, tennis, 24Heures du Mans, amongst many live and post produced television programmes, and documentaries, I would be happy to help with long or short term programming solutions.

Having adapted to working online, social media digital marketing has led me to appreciating the mechanics of online course creation.

In many ways similar to television production, there is a great amount of organisation of technical infrastructure, plus budgeting, time scheduling, live webinar with live production support, followed by nurturing your potential clients by email.

TV Production Management

Live Outside Broadcasts
Post Production
Newscasts & Press Conferences

Online Webinar & Course Creation Launch Support

Client Email Support
Live Zoom / FB Webinar Support

LinkedIn Specialist

LinkedIn Personal Profile & Business Page Support

Facebook Ads & Sponsored Instagram Posts

Facebook & Instagram Advertising Manager

Virtual Assistant

English, French
Hindi, Marathi

PA Support
Travel & Logistics Coordinator
Diary Management

my Skills

Calm, personable, organised and driven, as part of your team, deadlines are managed and you are in the hands of a proficient, multi-lingual Integrator.


English, French, Hindi, Marathi

my Rates

Rates upon application. Get in touch and to book a free consultation call of 20 minutes.

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I worked with Charulata for over 15 years on various projects and I have to say it was a pleasure on every occasion. From single camera to multi camera outside broadcasts she would always go the extra mile to ensure the crew were happy and fully informed on the project being worked on. She was always available to discuss any production issues that arose and dealt with them swiftly. A number of projects involved large shipments of equipment where carnets were needed and Charulata had the knowledge and expertise to organise these sometimes complex documents with great efficiency.

Andrew Dugard

Lighting Cameraman & Co-Director, Prolink TV

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